Axenic Health Solutions - Next Level Infection Prevention


Axenic Health Solutions provides the newest, most effective tech for infection protection

Sourcing the newest and most effective technologies and fullsuite solutions for Healthcare infection protection.

Axenic Health Solutions is commited to providing the best service to all customers, at all times.

Establishing a new level of practices to exceed modern regulatory and consumer quality expectations

Axenic Health Solutions provides cost effective solutions to an industry that needs to be cost conscious.

Delivering sophisticated products and solutions in a manner specifically setup for a cost constrained industry

We bring a fully integrated suite of products, methodologies and services, all clinically tested at leading clinical organizations, proven to drive transformative results.


Axenic Health Solutions has searched globally for the most innovative and differentiated products in the infection prevention space. Our philosophy is that the quality of product matters. All products are not created equal, even within the same class of products. Since Axenic does not design and manufacture products we are able to test and choose the "best in class" from the global marketplace.


Just as all products are not all created equal, how you use them and in what combination also matters. Axenic firmly believes that the efficacy of infection prevention products and how they are utilized yields different results. In order to optimize your results, we consistently measure and analyze the outcomes across healthcare settings, pathogen types and physical environments. This has allowed us to develop our proprietary Axenic Health Solutions infection prevention methodologies.


Axenic Health Solutions is also a full service infection prevention organization. Our products and methodologies are designed to seamlessly integrate into your specific clinical workflow and processes. Our dedicated professional team provides a comprehensive and customized application of our products and methodologies in your facilities. This outsourced option makes Axenic your infection prevention approach of choice, and your efficient and cost effective strategic partner.

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